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"There is no man under the sun as fortunate as I!“

These are Hans’ words after exchanging, one by one, his valuable possessions for less precious ones on his journey – his lump of gold for a horse, the horse for a cow, the cow for a pig and so on. In the end Hans is without material fortune, yet enjoys the bliss of sincere felicity. For Hans, happiness is not measured in possessions - what counts is the moment. It is this lightness of being, this freedom from burdens, that forms the basic concept of the HANS IM GLÜCK Burgergrill. Experience special moments of joy!


Exceptional quality and a wide range

HANS IM GLÜCK attaches the utmost importance to excellent quality and fresh preparation of all its ingredients. The decisive factor, however, is above all, the creative interpretation of the ‘burger’.
We offer an overall harmonious concept with outstanding, preferably regional ingredients, great variety, and unusual names. Our range of products comprises a large selection of different varieties of bread, cheese and patties, complemented by several, partly vegan, table sauces like the Happy-fries-sauce, our delicious orange-mustard-sauce, a barbecue sauce and a special Hans Ketchup. A broad choice of healthy salads as well as vegetarian and vegan patties fulfil all wishes.

By the way: Our guests can choose from 20 different cocktails, including 8 refreshing mojitos, homemade spritzer and tasty desserts.


HANS IM GLÜCK is looking for you!

HANS IM GLÜCK is an exceptional burger-concept, with several locations in Germany and Austria. Its appearance significantly differs from other burgergrills and defines new standards when it comes to freshness and authenticity for a nutritionally conscious target group.

The HANS IM GLÜCK culture is part of our brand and a binding element of the franchise system. This culture is the key to a successful partnership.


  • Bochum Kortumstrasse44787
  • Starnberg Georgenbach82319
  • Paderborn Marienplatz33098
  • Pforzheim An der Enz75173
  • Cologne Am Ring50672
  • Cologne Mediapark50670
  • Cologne Lindenthal50931
  • Landshut Herrngasse84028
  • Mainz Gutenbergplatz55116
  • Münster Altstadt48143
  • Nürnberg Altstadt90402
  • Recklinghausen Löhrhof45657
  • Regensburg Innenstadt93047
  • Rosenheim Ludwigsplatz83022
  • Wuppertal Elberfeld42103
  • Koblenz Am Plan56068
  • Heilbronn Sülmercity74072
  • Düsseldorf Medienhafen40219
  • Heidelberg Heiliggeistkirche69117
  • Hagen Theater Karree58095
  • Essen Rüttenscheid45131
  • Dresden Altmarkt01067
  • Karlsruhe Kaiserhof76133
  • Leipzig Augustusplatz04109
  • Berlin Hauptbahnhof10557
  • Kufstein Unterer Stadtplatz6330
  • Bonn Friedensplatz53111
  • Bonn Beuel53225
  • Bonn Poppelsdorf53115
  • Stuttgart Milaneo70173
  • Stuttgart Marienstrasse70178
  • Stuttgart Europaviertel70173
  • Stuttgart Caleido70178
  • Stuttgart Südtor70180
  • Munich Giesing81669
  • Munich Mira80933
  • Munich Airport85356
  • Munich Westend80339
  • Munich Türkenstrasse80799
  • Munich Regerplatz81541
  • Munich - Tal80331
  • Munich Leo25080807
  • Munich Königsplatz80333
  • Munich Isartor80331
  • Munich Isarpost80331
  • Munich Nymphenburg80335
  • Munich Arabellapark81925
  • Munich Goetheplatz80337